Airtel Data Plan list and Subscription Codes for Laptop, Iphone & Android phones in 2020 (1.5GB for N1000)

Cheap Airtel Data Plan List and Subscription Codes for Android, Iphones and Laptops 2020

Airtel is among the top telecommunication network in Nigeria and other African countries that offers the best cheap and affordable data plans for surfing the net or social networking sites using smartphones (Android, Java, iPhone) and feature phones, tablets, computers (laptop and desktop) and other networking devices. Below is the full list of available data plans with their subscription or dial codes starting from the cheapest or most affordable to the mega plans (for high data users). Stay Tuned!

Airtel Free Surf Plan and Dial Code

With this plan you will Enjoy the convenience of pay as you go at a bundle rate. FREE Surf offers reduced browsing rate on usage and gives up to 160 MB bonus data when you use up to 160MB. Browsing rate starts from 1kobo per KB. Billing starts from N10/MB and up to N2/MB.

Validity: 30 days

Dial code: *400#

Airtel #100 for 50MB plan and dial code

This is the most affordable and cheapest data bundle plans in the Airtel domain. You can Enjoy one full day of browsing with just N100.

Validity: 1-day

Dial code: *410#

Maxdata: 30 MB

Airtel N200 for 200MB data plan and Dial Code

With this plan you will be able to enjoy 3 full days of browsing and surfing the net non-stop with just 200 naira.

Price: N200

Validity: 3-days

Dial code: *412#

Max-data: 200 MB

Airtel N100 for 25MB 5-days data plan and dial code

Enjoy 5 days of surfing the net and social networking for just 100 naira only. The plan allows one to browse the internet with a 5MB daily usage and is good for mostly feature phones not smartphones.

Price: N100

Validity: 5-days

Dial code: *401#

Max-data: 25MB

N300 for 350MB Weekly plan

Browse the web and socialize with just N300 for 350MB with a duration of 7 complete days. How long the data will last depends on the kind of phone its being used and what you are doing with it.

Price: N300

Validity: 7-days

Dial code: *417#

Max-data: 350MB

Airtel N500 for 750MB 2-week data plan

With just 500 naira you will enjoy 750MB of data for two weeks. This plan can be used on your smartphones and laptops.

Price: N500

Validity: 14-days

Dial code: *418#

Max-data: 750MB

Airtel Data plan For Android, Iphone and Laptops

Below is the data plans that works comfortably on your smartphones like android and iphones including laptops.

Airtel N1000 for 1.5GB data plan – Android 1.0

Enjoy a full month of browsing,  with just 1000 Naira you will get 1.5GB of data. This plan works on android, iphone and laptops by tethering or using a usb modem.

Price: N1000

Validity: 1-Month

Dial code: *496#

Max-data: 1,500 MB (1.5 GB)

Airtel N2000 for 3.5GB data plan – Android 2.0

This plan gives you 3.5 of data for browsing and surfing the net with just 2ooo naira.

Price: N2000

Validity: 1-Month

Dial code: *437#

Max-data: 3,500 MB (3.5 GB)

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Airtel N2500 for 5GB data plan – Android 2.5

With just 2500 naira you will get 5GB of data for anything network related.

Price: N2000

Validity: 1-Month

Dial code: *437*1#

Max-data: 5000 MB (5 GB)

Airtel N3500 for 7GB data plan – Android 3.5

Get 7GB of data with 3500 naira on airtel network on this android 3.5 data plan.

Price: N3500

Validity: 1-Month

Dial code: *438#

Max-data: 7000 MB (7 GB)

Airtel N4000 for 7GB data plan – Android 4.0

With 4000 naira you are entitled to 9GB of data on airtel network using the dial codes below.

Price: N4000

Validity: 1-Month

Dial code: *438*1#

Max-data: 9000 MB (9 GB)

Thats it on the cheap full airtel data plans and subscription codes for your android and iphone smartphones in 2020 including your laptops and other networking devices.

Which of the data plans is best for you?

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