Block Unwanted Apps from Sucking your Data using these Simple Methods

How to prevent unwanted apps from using your data

Have you been in a situation whereby you subscribe for a data plan or bundle either monthly, weekly or daily but it did not even last up to the expected time or duration that it ought to or finished quickly? Or maybe maybe you subscribed, checked what you want you want to check and forgot to off your data and you receive a message that your data plan has been exhausted? Well, most us do. This happens because some applications run in background like your Google play services automatically updating your apps, Facebook, Gmail and a whole lot of other application. Those application connect to internet (use your data) to carry out their function, even the ones that you don’t want to connect to the internet at that time which leads to the decrease exhaustion of your data.

In this how to, am going to show you how to prevent unwanted apps from connecting to the internet and only allow the ones that you want, to go online, thus making you the boss of your data.

What you need?

  • Your android phone
  • Droidwall application (for those that their phones are rooted)
  • Noroot firewall app (if your phone is not rooted, or you dont know what root is).

Go to Playstore and download these apps – if your phone is rooted, droidwall and noroot firewall for unrooted phones.

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How to disable/block unwanted apps using droid wall

  • open the droidwall app that you just downloaded (see screen shots below)

block apps using droid wall

  • select or tick only the apps that you want to go online or use data and untick the ones that you dont want to go online .
  • Press your option menu and select “firewall disabled” to enable it, when it prompts for root access grant it and press “save rules”.use droidwall to block apps
  • Exit the apps.

Thats it! You have successfully disabled unwanted apps from accessing or using your data with Droidwall.

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Procedure for Noroot firewall app

  • After installation, open the noroot firewall app (see the screen shot below)

block unwanted apps using Noroot firewall app

  • Select the “apps” section of the tabbed menu

block apps using noroot firewall app

  • Tick or select the apps that you want to access the internet (tick twice if you want to disable an app)
  • After selecting the apps you want to access data and disabling the ones you dont want to, exit the app.

You have now successfully disabled unwanted apps from going online. The next time you turn On your data you will notice that its only the apps that you selected that will go online, those that you did not select will not use your data. In case you want you later want to enable those apps that you blocked, just follow the same procedure and the apps will start going online again.

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