Tecno phantom 6 vs Phantom 6 plus – whats the difference and similarities?

Difference between Phantom 6 and 6 Plus

Tecno phantom 6 and phantom 6 plus are two of the most popular tecno smartphone, with tecno phantom 6 plus succeeding phantom 6. We will consider the differences between these two phones, as many people might find it difficult to tell. In this post we will do a full specs comparison based on features like camera, display, battery, operating system etc.

phantom 6 plus vs phantom 6

tecno phantom 6 vs tecno phantom 6 plusFrom we see that phantom 6 plus is really the successor of phantom 6. From the table we see that phantom 6 plus won 6 at almost all the feature comparison. There’s only a tie in terms of display and operating system version, phantom 6 plus really phantom 6 away with its awesome specification.  With this, i will surely recommend phantom 6 plus to anybody that wants to buy any of the compared phone. To know how this phantom 6 plus performed with other smartphones check out Tecno phantom 6 plus vs InnJoo 3 and  phantom 6 plus vs infinix zero 4 comparison.

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