Pounds to Naira Today Exchange Rate Black Market [October, 2020]

pounds to naira black market exchange rateGreat Britain Pounds (GBP) To Naira Exchange Rate in Black Market (including Parallel market) – October, 2020

Pound to Naira exchange rate has been increasing just like the rate of dollar to naira, euro to naira and other foreign currencies.  This post highlight today’s Great Britain (GBP) pounds to naira exchange rate in black market including the exchange rate trends in the last few months.

To know the current value of  1 pound to naira is very important to almost everyone in the country especially those that deals directly with pounds in their businesses  or trades or people that just want to know “how much is pounds to naira exchange rate”.

This is why we have tried as much as possible to give the latest black market exchange rate of dollar to naira, so you should do well and bookmark this page in your browser so that you will be able to access this page with just a click and get the latest exchange because of fluctuations in exchange rates.

Pounds to Naira (1 GBP = 585NGN) Black Market Today Exchange Rate

The value of pounds to naira when you want to buy or sell can be seen below.


1 Pound (GBP)


595 Nigeria Naira


1 Pound (GBP)


585 Nigeria Naira

pounds to naira black market exchange rateDisclaimer: This might not be the actual exchange rate of pounds to naira in your locality but the difference will not be that much. 

Pounds to Naira Exchange Rate [Parallel Market]

The current exchange of 1 pounds to Nigerian Naira as at the time of this post is

1 Pound (GBP) = 585 Nigeria Naira


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Thats on the pounds to naira black market exchange rate, pounds to naira exchange parallel market .

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