Seven (7) easy ways to trade with Metatrader 5

The trading platform Metatrader 5 impresses with its versatility and flexibility. Being developed after MT4, this platform is in no way inferior in its qualities to its predecessor.

A striking feature of MT5 download is that the platform gives access to several financial markets, which means that each trader can make deals trading forex as well as commodities and other products.

In this article, we are going to tell you about 7 ways you can trade with MT5 – 7 different markets and different products that are acceptable on it.

Let’s begin.


  • MT5 for forex trading

Despite the fact that the MT4 was developed mainly for forex traders, MT5 is also suitable for foreign currency trading. The trading platform has everything for it – from timeframes that are ahead in number compared with MT4 to an economic calendar with which you can follow any event that can have an influence on prices. 


  • MT5 for stock trading

Trading stocks on MT5 is possible as well. As you know, the stock market is one of the major markets that have high demand, and due to the fact that the platform is multi-device, any stock trader can make deals from anywhere, if the platform is downloaded on the phone. 


  • MT5 for cryptocurrency trading

Traders now have access to a large range of cryptocurrencies on the MT5 platform, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is an opportunity for traders who are looking forward to investing their money into cryptocurrency trends. 


  • MT5 for commodities trading

Trading commodities is one of the simplest ways to trade in one of the liquid markets. You can trade gold, silver, and oil – which are the most popular commodities along. 


  • MT5 for futures trading

Futures are contracts where 2 traders agree to trade an asset at a specific price in the future. The person who buys the futures agrees to buy the asset from the person who sells it, no matter what the current market price is at the time of expiration. Futures trading on MT5 is notable for its efficiency. The platform has all the necessary tools that can help in the trading process implementation.


  • MT5 for option trading

When you do options trading, you are buying and selling contracts that will let you buy or sell a security on a specific date. The price of the option is linked to the price of an underlying asset, like a stock. So the MT5 gives the opportunity of options trading as well. 


  • MT5 for CFD trading

The last way how to use MT5 is by trading CFDs on it. What is CFD trading?

CFDs are a type of financial contract that pays the difference in prices between when you open and close a trade. They let you trade the direction of assets over a very short term, and they’re especially popular for trading forex and commodities products.



As you see, MT5 is a powerful platform that can be used to trade a variety of financial products. 

While we have outlined 7 financial products that you can trade with the software, there are many other possibilities. Be sure to experiment and try different ways of using the MT5 to see what works best for you. 

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