Etisalat social pak & chat pak (for facebook, whatsapp, instagram, tweeter, etc)

Etisalat Social Bundle (for Facebook, WhatsApp, Tweeter, Instagram, etc) Activation Codes Etisalat social & chat pak is an unlimited  data plan that is tailored for use with social networking apps and chat apps. These Etisalat plans works on apps like Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, WhatsApp, wechat and other social networking and chat application. This means that … Read more

Is Your Android Phone Slow? See How To Make It Faster

How to make a phone faster

Android phones currently is the most used smart phone operating system in the whole world. Having that in mind a lot of people both those who are new in the mobile world or those that have been using smart phones that is not running on Android OS are now switching their mobile phone taste to … Read more