Huawei p8 vs Phantom 6 plus: Which is Better? Find out!

Tecno Phantom 6 plus vs Huawei P8

tecno phantom 6 plus specs


huawei p8 specs and comparison

Hey guys, today’s comparison is between tecno’s Phantom 6 plus flagship phone and Huawei P8. If you have followed our phone fight series you will see that we have compared tecno phantom 6 plus with its Junior brother phantom 6 and other flaship phone from InnJoo and Infinix;  tecno phantom 6 plus vs InnJoo 3 and tecno phantom 6 plus vs Infinix Zero 4 plus. Tecno phantom 6 plus really performed well in those comparison, you can see for your self how it performed with those phones from the links above.  In this comparison we’ll see how tecno phantom 6 plus fairs with huawei’s P8. As usual, our comparison is based on feature specs of the phones like camera, display, memory, performance, connectivity, operating system, and battery. So Lets roll into the comparison proper.

Huawei P8 vs Phantom 6 plus Specs Comparison

Huawei P8 vs phantom Comparison Review


Because of the 21MP rear camera and 8MP front Camera with LED on Phantom 6 plus it emerged winner in terms of camera. The camera on Huawei p8 is also very good with 13MP back and 8MP front. Both of the two phone will shoot a stunning sharp photos, but due to the more pixel on phantom 6 camera (8MP more) it will churn out better images, it also has an advantage with the front facing flash which helps in taking clear selfies or video chatting in dark areas. With these phantom 6 plus deserve the Price.


Both huawei p8 and phantom 6 plus are essentially the same in terms of screen resolution as they both came with a 1080p HD IPS display technology. Huawei p8 has more PPI (424 pixel per inch) compared to the 370ppi on phantom 6 plus. On the screen size, huawei is 5.2 inches while phantom 6 plus is 6.0 inches, this actually depends on whether you like bigger screens on smaller ones. Huawei p8 is the winner because of its higher pixel density, though in usage you might not actually see the difference between the two displays.


Huawei p8 has two options in terms of internal storage, 16GB and 64GB while phantom 6 plus is only available on 64GB. Both has support for expansion with an sd card of upto 128 on phantom 6 plus and 256 on huawei p8, which means you will have enough space to store all your musics, videos, pictures and other files. In terms of RAM, phantom 6 plus came with a 4GB, but there’s only 3GB on huawei p8, this is why phantom is the winner, because higher RAM number means that your application will run more smoothly.

Performance (processor)

Without going into technical details, huawei p8 is running on  a 2.0 GHz Octa-core (8 cores) processor while phantom 6 plus is running on a 2.5 GHz Deca-core processor. Thus, Phantom 6 plus will perform better or faster in this aspect because of the higher number of cores that it has. But huawei’s processor is better in some other aspect like RAM management while phantom 6 plus handles graphics better, but all overall, both CPU will be able to get the job done during daily usage.


Both phantom 6 plus and huawei p8 support the recently released version of android which is android 6.0 marshmallow, but phantom 6 plus came with it out of the box, while p8 came with 4.4 kitkat which you can upgrade to marshmallow. So, you will enjoy new features and enhancements on the latest version of android on both phones.


Battery is another important factor to consider when choosing a phone to buy. You would want a phone that will last through the day with a single charge. Though how long a battery will last is totally dependent on the user of the phone. Huawei p8 is packed with  a 2680mAh capacity battery, while on the phantom 6 plus is a 4050mAh capacity. Judging from the battery capacity phantom will last longer than huawei p8, but as i said earlier on, it totally depends on the user and what you are doing with the phone.


Both huawei p8 and phantom 6 plus has support for 4g LTE, dual sim and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n. For other features specific to the phones, check out the full specs of Tecno phantom 6 plus and huawei p8.

Frequently asked question on phantom 6 and huawei p8

Does huawei p8 or phantom 6 plus has Fingerprint reader?

There’s fingerprint reader on phantom 6 plus but not on huawei p8.

Which one should i buy between huawei p8 or tecno phantom 6 plus?

The price of tecno phantom 6 plus and huawei p8 are almost the same, so what you should consider feature that you like and check out on the phones performed better in that aspect. For me, I will go with Tecno phantom 6 plus.

Where can i buy phantom 6 plus or huawei p8?

Both phones are available in Nigerian online stores like Jumia, Slot and Konga.

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