Infinix Smart VS Infinix Hot 4 – which is Better? Find out!

Infinix Smart Vs Infinix Hot 4 Comparison.

infinix smart specs and price in ni geria
Infinix Smart

Here is the comparison between the latest infinix Smart VS Infinix Hot 4 and its variants (hot 4 lite and hot 4 pro). In this article we’ll be looking at the difference and similarities between infinix hot 4 and infinix smart to help you decide which one to buy and which is better in terms of specs.

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This comparison is going to be based on the features or specs of these smartphones like the camera, display, connectivity, performance, etc. These features are going to be considered one by one and at the end of each feature comparison and going to give a verdict based on my personal views which one i think is better (you might object with my decision, but that okay). Lets get started!

infinix hot 4 vs hot 4 lite
Infinix Hot 4

The Feature Comparison Between Infinix Smart VS Infinix Hot 4


Infinix Smart: 8 MP rear / 2MP  front + Flash support  

Infinix Hot 4: 8MP rear / 5MP front  + Flash Support

Both infinix smart and hot 4 features the same 8MP primary camera with LED flash support. On the selfie camera, infinix hot 4 has a bit of an edge over smart with its 5MP camera instead of the 2MP camera on infinix smart. This means that infinix hot 4 will produce a better looking selfie photos. Note that some variants of hot 4 like hot 4 pro feature a better camera (13MP back, 5MP front).

Winner: Infinix Hot 4 (better selfie camera)

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Infinix Smart:  5.0-inch 720 by 1280 HD display  

Infinix Hot 4: 5.5-inch 720 by 1280 HD display

Infinix smart features a 5.0 inch screen with HD resolution, while Hot 4 has slightly bigger screen at 5.5-inch with the same resolution as on smart. For those with smaller hands or prefer one handed use, infinix smart is a good choice while those that like bigger phones should go with hot 4 or its variants.

Winner: Tie.


Infinix Smart:   3060 mAh capacity battery

Infinix Hot 4:  4000 mAh capacity battery.

Obviously, infinix hot 4 has a higher capacity battery, so which means it should last longer than infinix smart. Though because of the doze feature on android Nougat which infinix smart is running on, you might actually get almost the same usage time.

Winner: infinix hot 4 (higher battery capacity)

Performance and Operating System

Infinix Smart:  1.3GHz Quad-core cortex A7, CPU, android 7.0 Nougat  

Infinix Hot 4: 1.3GHz quad-core A7 CPU, android 6.0 marshmallow (upgradeable to 7.0)

In terms of speed while launching apps, you might not notice any difference as both infinix hot 4 and smart are running on the processor chipset and clocked at the same 1.3 GHz. Android 7.0 nougat is what infinix smart came with out of the box, on hot 4 you can upgade to 7.0 from 6.0 via system updates.

Winner: Tie

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Infinix Smart:  16GB internal storage, 1GB of RAM + SD card support  

Infinix Hot 4: 16GB internal storage, 2GB of RAM + SD support 

Both hot 4 and infinix smart are similar in terms of internal storage capacity but differs in RAM size. There is SD card on both phones. So does ram size matter? Hmmm! Ya! The Ram is resposible for multitasking (running multiple apps at the same time), and the higher the ram size, the better the way multiples apps are being handled. If you are the type that opens only app at a time then this should not be a big unless you play games which consumes a lot of memory.

Winner: Hot 4 (higher Ram)

Connectivity and security

Infinix Smart:  2G, 3G , no 4G LTE, no fingerprint sensor 

Infinix Hot 4: 2G, 3G,  4G LTE (hot 4 pro), fingerprint support

Judging from above, infinix hot is better in this area because of its support for fingerprint sensor which adds another security layer on the default OS security features. Both hot 4 and smart lacks 4G LTE support for faster browsing, but hot 4 pro which is a variant of hot 4 has LTE support.

Winner: Infinix Hot 4 (added security layer).

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Thats it on the comparison between infinix hot 4 and infinix smart, so which is better? If you want a phone with good speakers for playing music, smaller screen, then go with Infinix Smart, its built for that. On the other hand, if you want a phone with big screen, long battery life, smoother multitasking and additional security, go for infinix Hot 4 or its variants. But in overall performance, i will go infinix hot 4 as a better smartphone, and this is my choice, you might have you own opinion.

Feel free to leave a comment on which phone you think is better.

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