Innjoo 2 Review And Specs – Is It Worth Buying?

Welcome to our phone reviews section and today we are going to be reviewing the Innjoo 2- One of Innjoo’s Rocking smartphone of 2016.

We have also made a review of the Innjoo Fire 3 LTE, Innjoo Fire 3 Pro LTE, and Innjoo Fire 3 Air LTE , so check it out so you can know how they performed.

As usual, we will be looking at the major specs of the Innjoo 2 which is needed to carry out all our day-to- activities on our Mobile Phone.

These include : Speed, Display, Camera Quality, Battery Life, Storage ETC.

Now let’s go.


Processor Speed (Octa-Core 1.3GHz)

Processor speed is very important in a smart phone, Speaking of which the Innjoo 2 rocks an Octa-Core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz frequency which is very fast and can handle almost any Task thrown to it

Multi-Tasking Ability (2GB RAM)

Have you ever minimized an app then on coming back to it, all your activities are gone? If so, then that won’t be a problem any more as the 2GB RAM on the Innjoo 2 has been designed to take care of all your multi-tasking and it can hold up to 20 apps running at the same time.

Internet Speed (4G Support)

What do you think about a 4G supported device? Super fast right? if Yes is the answer you gave then you are absolutely right as that’s exactly what the Innjoo 2 has to offer in the internet world.

Display (5.0 Inch HD )

The Innjoo 2 has an average HD screen of 5.0 inch and is capable of showing contents with its 720*1280 HD IPS display.


Camera (13 MP & 13 MP)

The Innjoo 2 is what i will like to call a “Camera Monster” as it spots a 13 MP back Camera which also has an LED support and also a 13 MP front Camera which handles all selfies at high quality .


The Innjoo 2 has a low internal storage of 16GB but thanks to its upgradeable support of up to 128GB using an SD-Card giving it a total maximum storage of 144GB.

Battery Life (3200 mAh)

With a 3200 mAh battery on a 5 Inch Display, the Innjoo 2 will last for days on a normal use and probably some hours if subjected to a heavy Use like constant gaming and internet surfing.


The security support on the Innjoo 2 is very strong as it comes out of the box with a Finger-Print scanner at the back for unlocking the phone if only your finger-print is recognized.

That’s it guys on our INNJOO 2 Review.

Should You Buy The Innjoo 2?

The Innjoo 2 is one of the smart phones that has performed very well in all the devices that i have reviewed.

So if you are looking for speed, Great camera quality , average multi-tasking, and long battery-lasting smart phone then go for the Innjoo 2 as it can offer you all that.

What do you think about the Innjoo 2?


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