Innjoo max 3 pro vs innjoo 3 which is better and worth your money

Innjoo max 3 Pro specs, review, price vs innjoo 3
InnJoo Max 3 Pro

InnJoo Max 3 pro vs InnJoo 3 – The Difference

InnJoo max 3 pro and InnJoo 3 are two of the latest phones released by InnJoo Mobile. Both packs astonishing features which makes them a good choice of phones to buy. Check out our full reviews of InnJoo 3 and InnJoo max 3 Pro to get a hands on specification of each of the device. Here, we will look at the features (camera, display, memory, battery, speed, etc) in the two phones giving a winner in each feature. At the end, we’ll declare the overall winner. So, let’s get started!


InnJoo Max 3 Pro has a 13MP rear camera with f2.2 aperture, this means that you can take very clear and bright pictures with speed. It also features a flashlight which makes it possible to take clear pictures at night. The front of InnJoo max 3 has an 8MP camera which makes taking a selfie a new experience. Enough of Max 3, Lets look at InnJoo 3. InnJoo 3 is another beast when it comes to camera, it has a massive 21MP rear camera, that is not just number, the rear camera on InnJoo is very bright , clear, and quick, which makes it a breeze to capture that special moment. The front camera is the same with of  Max 3 pro, so that’s a tie there.

Winner: InnJoo 3.


Innjoo 3 vs max 3 pro
InnJoo 3

In terms of display, InnJoo max 3 pro is equipped with a 6.0 inch 720p IPS panel which is bright, while InnJoo 3 features a 5.5inch FHD 1080p iIPS panel. This means that InnJoo 3 has a brighter, but in terms of usage you cannot really tell the difference between the two. Also notice, that Max 3 pro is 6″ vs 5.5″ on InnJoo 3, so it comes down to choice, do you larger 6″ or smaller 5″?

Winner: Tie. 

Memory and Speed

InnJoo 3 has 64GB internal storage vs 32GB on the Max 3 pro and also support for external sd card( up to 128GB), so both has a large space for you to store your music, videos and your docs. The RAM on the devices are 4GB and 3GB for InnJoo 3 and Max 3 Pro respectively. This means you can so many apps running at the same time without any lag on the two phones but InnJoo 3 sure, will have more apps open. In terms of speed, InnJoo 3 is faster because its powdered by an octa core 1.5GHz processor while max 3 is powered by a quad-core 1GHz processor, so running your apps will be faster on the InnJoo 3.

Winner: InnJoo 3


So which of these device’s  will last longer after a charge or pack more juice? Max 3 pro a massive 4000MAh battery vs 3000MAh on the InnJoo 3. With this, Max 3 pro is the obvious winner, but InnJoo fixes the lapse with a fast charging USB type-C port instead of the regular usb.

Winner: Max 3 Pro.


Both the phones features a fingerprint scanner, which makes securing your device and apps easier. Unlocking your is also very easy and fast on both devices.

Winner: Tie.



Price In Nigeria:

Price In Kenya:


The price of these two phones is another thing to consider in this comparison, though its going to be difficult to do that because these phones are not available in many some localities. So am going to compare these phones base on the price in Saudi Arabia because that is where this phone is currently available. The price of InnJoo 3 is 998.00 SAR while that of Max 3 pro is arround 750 SAR. So where can you buy these phones? Both of are available at Souq.

winner: Tie (checking the features in Innjoo 3, it really worth that price)


All other features on both the max3 pro and innjoo 3 are basically the same. So, which is the winner? Judging from the features the overall winner is InnJoo 3, this does not mean that the max 3 pro is not a good phone, its just 3 performed better in some aspect. So thanks for taking your time to read this post, I hope it was helpful to you in some way.

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