Tecno Phantom 6 Review and Specs- Should You Buy?

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Phantom 6 specs, Review, Features and Price

Hey What is up guys! Today we are going to see the Tecno Phantom 6 review on its specs and featuresĀ , One of Tecno’s High end Device of 2016.

During my last post, i made a review of the Tecno Phantom 6 plus to know whether its worth buying or spending such amount of money buying it.

So here in this one, we are gonna look at its predecessor, The Tecno Phantom 6.

As usual, we will be looking at most of the necessary and sufficient conditions that qualifies a smart phone and which takes part in handling all our day to day activities that involves our Smart Phones.

These things include features like the Speed, Camera Quality, Storage capacity, Display, and battery quality.

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Good Side Of The Tecno Phantom 6

Processor Speed (2GHz Octa-Core)

The Tecno Phantom 6 spots an Octa-Core Processor clocked at 2.0GHz which handles the processing speed of each app thrown to it.
I must say that the Phantom 6 rocks what i like to call a “Monster Processor” as its capable of carrying out all your day to day activities with a Zero Lag.

Multi-Tasking (3GB RAM)

The 3GB RAM bundled with the Tecno Phantom 6 is more than enough to handle all your multi-tasking.
The Phantom 6 can handle almost up to 20 heavy apps simultaneously and still runs smoothly.

Internet Speed (GSM/WCDMA/LTE)

The Phantom 6 internet performance is backed up with an LTE support which is ready to handle all your internet speed and downloads.

Camera Quality (13MPĀ + 5MP & 8MP)

tecno phantom 6
The camera design and quality of the Phantom 6 is really one of a kind as it spots a Dual Camera of 13MP and 5MP at the Back and an 8MP front facing camera.
With those combination above, all your selfies and image shooting is taking care of by the Phantom 6.

Storage Capacity (32GB Upto 128GB)

Many android smartphones due to their low internal storage and low upgradable capacity, runs out of storage or shows insufficient space when some certain amount of data are been stored.
With the Tecno phantom 6, you won’t have any problem storing your files; Be it Pictures, Videos, Documents Etc. as it has an internal storage of 32GB which in turn is upgradable to 128GB with an SD-CARD making it a total storage space of 144GB.

Display (5.5HD Super Amoled)

Super Amoled display is one of the best display that a mobile device can have as it brings out all the true colors of text, pictures and every content shown on the screen.
Speaking of which the Phantom 6 spots an Amoled display which handles all the output on your mobile.

Bad Side Of The Phantom 6

This smartphone rocks great speed and multi-tasking ability, great Camera quality and design, Great display, Etc but has a very low battery life.
The 2700 mAh battery on the 5.5 Inch Screen of the Phantom 6 is not capable of lasting you for a day without charge especially when you put all of its great features to use.

Should You Buy The Tecno Phantom 6

If you are looking for speed, great Camera quality, Strong multi-tasking capability and an awesome display without considering the battery performance as you will be ready to always charge it when its down, Then The Phantom 6 is your dream Smart Phone.
But, if your main interest on a mobile phone is how long the battery last, Don’t go near the Tecno Phantom 6 as you wont be able to realize that goal.

What do you think?

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